It is known that if one sets out to create a new work, one will have to look in one of two directions: within or without. Such a view operates under the assumption that there is a well-defined boundary between what we carry in our psyches and what we don’t. This dichotomy is because of one’s own “uniqueness,” some would argue.


mimic me

made by yours truly from other people’s ideas

How unique are you? You might say very, because, after all, you have your very own genes, and live a strangely distinct and wondrous life. But do you, really? Your chromosomes, all 23 pairs of them, are almost the same as mine, with some variations. How different is your life than mine? We read the same books, we are marketed the same products, we consume the same entertainment, and are pretty much the manifestation of the same social constructs. Socioeconomic factors affect me as they affect you, and we deal with it the same way. We see the same sights, we travel the same paths.

I transformed this:

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